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Wild Salmon - Whole

Wild Salmon - Whole

Netted in the River Tweed, wild salmon arrives at H. Forman & Son within 24 hours of catch

Fresh Wild Salmon is available annually from June to August

We only buy our fish from Scottish netsmen who operate strictly within guidelines for sustainability.

We have been sourcing Wild Salmon for over a century. When summer arrives and the new salmon season starts, there is really nothing quite like it. Call us to reserve your wild salmon as soon as possible

Call 0208 5252 399 to speak to our experts.

Wild Salmon - Whole

Approximate weight 3 - 7 kg


Genuine Wild Scottish Salmon (FISH)



Lance Says

Wild Scottish salmon, in season now, is one of life’s great gourmet treats with deep, rich flavours. In the good old days the advent of the wild salmon season was highly anticipated by all the great chefs. This is the real McCoy