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In our East End smokehouse we have some of the best equipped commercial kitchens and most talented chefs in London. Our business has always been based on supply and demand. You demand and we supply. If you want 300 stuffed quail for a banquet or two portions of tuna tataki for a VIP, we can provide them.

We only have two criteria: 1. We insist on using the best, freshest ingredients, 2. We make everything by hand to order.


Call 020 85252 390 to speak to our experts.


When chefs come and visit we often hear them say – “if only I had been here earlier! I never knew you did that. It could have saved me so much hassle”.

Formans, and those who use our bespoke chef services, know that our best kept secret is that we will literally make anything for you and let you take the credit. So, if you’re struggling with your kitchen staffing, can’t get the consistency, dealing in too much waste, refurbishing your kitchen, out-growing your kitchens but not yet ready to invest in new ones, speak to Formans. It’s a decision you’ll wish you made earlier.

A visit is highly recommended. Smoked salmon is what most people know us for; but there’s plenty more on the side.