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London cure

There is only one London Cure. People have been curing and smoking foods, including fish, for thousands of years but it was in London that the now world-renowned delicacy of smoked Scottish salmon became established as a culinary luxury, and that was thanks to the efforts of its originators, H. Forman & Son.

“The idea is
to taste the
salmon, not
the smoke”

The secret of the London Cure is a love of salmon. The idea is to preserve those wonderful flavours. Salmon that only tastes of smoke is completely self-defeating. Who wants to taste smoke? That’s why our world famous London Cure has a very simple recipe – the freshest salmon, a little salt, just the right amount of oak smoke. Nothing else.

We apply the mild London Cure to all our Scottish salmon, whether it is Grade One farmed salmon from Loch Hourn or wild salmon netted on the River Tweed. It’s the cure favoured by chefs and gourmets the world over.

“The original
London Cure,
unchanged in
100 years”

Smoked Scottish salmon cured in London was recently conferred the highly prized protected name (PGI) status, which sets it alongside other protected foods such as Champagne, Parma ham and Wensleydale cheese. Not only is ‘London Cure Smoked Salmon’ now the only smoked salmon in the world with protected status, but London’s first ever food or drink to achieve this coveted recognition. Forman’s Smoked Salmon is also kosher licensed by the London Beth Din

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